About us

**Introducing PRIMERA-CACTI: A Fusion of Innovation and Expertise**

🌐 **Explore Tailored Loan Options**
   - Personal Loans
   - Home Mortgages
   - Small Business Loans

🌐 **Tailored to Your Unique Needs**
   - Shaped by your experiences
   - A cocoon of personalized solutions

📈 **Competitive Interest Rates**
   - Enjoy rates as low as 3.5%
   - Flexible terms to suit your needs

📊 **Calculated Risk Management**
   - Seasoned professionals ensuring informed decisions
   - Rigorous control measures for a secure financial journey

🌐 **Diversify with Subsidiaries**
   - Explore investments through subsidiaries like Effortshelter and Iskra Food
  - Buying stocks in companies such as persistent systems, Apple and 

🔒 **Secure Application Process**
   - State-of-the-art encryption
   - Your data's safety is our priority

💸 **Quick Approval & Disbursement**
   - Fast-track approval within 24 hours
   - Funds deposited directly to your account

🌐 **User-Friendly Interface**
   - Seamless navigation
   - Apply, track, and manage loans effortlessly

🎓 **Financial Guidance**
   - Expert advice for smart financial choices
   - Educational resources to empower you

🤝 **Dedicated Customer Support**
   - Responsive team ready to assist
   - Clear communication every step of the way

 🛡️**Immunity to External Pressures**
   - Unwavering commitment to exceptional results
   - Steadfast in the face of market fluctuations

   - An extension of your vision
   - Aligning with your goals and aspirations for the future

**Unlocking Potential with Primera-Cacti**

🚀 **Mission: Empowering Ideas**
   - Primera-Cacti: A decentralized platform for potential-laden members
   - Focused on spurring latent ideas into motion, redefining conventional investment platforms

🎯 **Boosting Financial Esteem**
   - Eradicate low financial esteem through member-driven initiatives
   - Decision-making empowerment at the core of our mission

👂 **Listening-first Approach**
   - Process driven by listening, not just offering
   - Highly trained risk management officers supporting every step

💼 **Investment Redefined**
   - At Primera-Cacti, we don't just take your investment; we invest in you
   - Your potential, ideas, and aspirations drive our collaboration

Embark on a journey where your ideas flourish, decisions matter, and investments go beyond transactions. Welcome to Primera-Cacti – where we invest in your success.

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80.00 %

Every 6 Month

Min 41,000.00 USD


Max 200,000.00 USD
  • For 1 Times
  • Capital back Yes
Affiliate bonus
    20 %

    level 1


65.00 %

Every 3 Month

Min 21,000.00 USD


Max 40,000.00 USD
  • For 1 Times
  • Capital back Yes
Affiliate bonus
    15 %

    level 1


20.00 %

Every Month

Min 11,000.00 USD


Max 20,000.00 USD
  • For 1 Times
  • Capital back Yes
Affiliate bonus
    10 %

    level 1


15.00 %

Every Month

Min 300.00 USD


Max 10,000.00 USD
  • For 1 Times
  • Capital back Yes
Affiliate bonus
    5 %

    level 1

Secure investment

At our investment platform, we prioritize the security of your funds above all else. with state-of-the-art encryption technology and rigorous security protocols, we ensure that your investments are safeguarded from potential threats.

Instant withdrawal

Our investment platform offers an innovative instant withdrawal feature, enabling you to effortlessly and securely withdraw your earnings whenever you need them.

Registered company

As a registered company, we prioritize transparency, security, and accountability in all our operations. rest assured that your investments are handled with the utmost care and professionalism, backed by the credibility and oversight that comes with being a registered investment platform.

Expert guidance

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you make informed investment decisions. we provide expert guidance, market analysis, and personalized recommendations to maximize your investment potential.

Excellent customer support

Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. we strive to provide timely and comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory investing experience.

User-friendly interface

Our user-friendly platform makes investing easy and accessible for both beginners and seasoned investors. with intuitive navigation, real-time data, and comprehensive tools, you can manage your investments seamlessly and stay updated on market trends.

Create account

Create an account on our platform by providing the necessary information. This will enable you to access all the features and services we offer.

Choose plan

Explore options and select from diverse range of investment plans. Fund your account by depositing funds through various secure payment methods.

Get profit

Keep track of your investment performance through our user-friendly dashboard. You can view real-time data, track returns, and access investment profits

To get started, sign up for an account on our platform and complete the registration process. Once your account is created, you can fund it with the desired amount and explore the available crypto investment options.

We prioritize the security of your investments and personal information. Our platform implements advanced security measures, including encryption technology, two-factor authentication, and secure storage of funds. We comply with industry best practices and maintain strict confidentiality to ensure your peace of mind.

Yes, there may be fees associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. These fees can vary depending on the specific investment product or service you choose. It's important to review the fee structure provided on our platform and understand any applicable charges before making your investment.

Absolutely! Our platform provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can monitor the performance of your crypto investments in real-time. You can access detailed reports, track returns, and review historical data to stay informed about the progress of your investments.

Yes, you can withdraw your funds at any time, subject to the terms and conditions of your chosen investment plan. The withdrawal processing time may vary depending on factors such as transaction volume and network congestion. Typically, withdrawals are processed within a reasonable timeframe to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for our investors.

Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you. You can reach out to us through our support channels, including email, live chat, or phone. We are here to provide guidance, address your concerns, and ensure a smooth and satisfactory investment experience.

Yes, each investment plan may have a minimum investment requirement. The specific minimum amount will be clearly stated in the plan details. We strive to offer investment options suitable for various budgets, allowing you to choose a plan that fits your financial goals.

We aim to provide access to our platform for a wide range of individuals. However, certain legal and regulatory restrictions may apply based on your jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrency investments.


Nancy Diana

Invest amount 137,500.00 USD

Alice Nolan

Invest amount 70,000.00 USD

malar vizhi

Invest amount 32,399.00 USD

Johans Larry

Invest amount 31,000.00 USD

Xing Na

Invest amount 29,000.00 USD

Hermes Thot

Invest amount 16,000.00 USD

Miriam Cabal

Invest amount 9,000.00 USD

Alysia Magen

Invest amount 8,900.00 USD

Mark Thompson

Invest amount 7,200.00 USD

Amanda Rodriguez

Invest amount 5,000.00 USD

Miriam M Lederer

Invest amount 3,000.00 USD

Username Date Amount Gateway
Miriamcabal 2024-04-15 9,000.00 USD BITCOIN
Mei_xing_na 2023-12-09 29,000.00 USD Deposit
Alysia_magen34 2023-12-09 8,900.00 USD Deposit
madhu37 2023-12-02 32,399.00 USD Deposit
Tobae 2023-12-02 16,000.00 USD Deposit
Mark4321 2023-12-02 6,700.00 USD Deposit
Larrytech1289 2023-12-02 9,000.00 USD Deposit
Love$siren822 2023-10-08 3,000.00 USD Deposit
Larrytech1289 2023-09-30 22,000.00 USD Deposit
Diana luthier 2023-08-19 70,000.00 USD BITCOIN
Name Date Amount Gateway
Love$siren822 2024-04-26 10,450.00 USD BANK DEPOSIT
Tobae 2023-12-24 5,000.00 USD VENMO
Diana luthier 2023-12-18 70,800.00 USD BANK DEPOSIT
Love$siren822 2023-12-15 10,000.00 USD BANK DEPOSIT
Mei_xing_na 2023-12-09 89,000.00 USD BITCOIN
Larrytech1289 2023-12-09 6,900.00 USD ZELLE
Diana luthier 2023-12-06 90,000.00 USD BANK DEPOSIT
Diana luthier 2023-12-06 90,000.00 USD BANK DEPOSIT
Love$siren822 2023-12-03 1,200.00 USD ZELLE
Diana luthier 2023-11-28 4,000.00 USD BITCOIN

Primeracacti has exceeded my expectations in every way. Their commitment to providing transparent and fair practices sets them apart. I've been able to explore a wide range of altcoins and harness the potential of emerging projects. The educational materials they offer have deepened my understanding of expert trading, enabling me to make informed investment decisions. The customer service tho is kinda sluggish please try and work on that.

Amanda Rodriguez


As an entrepreneur, I was initially hesitant about entering the Wall Street. However, Primeracacti's educational resources and ongoing support have been invaluable. The platform's emphasis on security and trust instills confidence, and their diverse investment options allow me to explore different digital assets. With their guidance, I've diversified my portfolio and achieved substantial growth. Primeracacti is my go-to platform for financial investments and advice.

Mark Thompson


I'm writing to share my excellent experience with Primeracacti, a platform that has revolutionized my approach to make nifty investments. As a financial analyst, I value their comprehensive solutions and expert guidance. Primeracacti's user-friendly interface and transparent practices makes managing my portfolio a breeze. Thanks to them, I've seen impressive returns on my investments. In short, I highly recommend Primeracacti for anyone seeking a reliable and effective investment platform.

Michael Walton

Financial Analyst

As an entrepreneur, I was initially hesitant about entering the Wall Street. However, Primeracacti's educational resources and ongoing support have been invaluable. The platform's emphasis on security and trust instills confidence, and their diverse investment options allow me to explore different digital assets. With their guidance, I've diversified my portfolio and achieved substantial growth. Primeracacti is my go-to platform for financial investments and advice.

Mark Thompson


“So far, my experience here has been good. I love the autonomous plan, which grants me complete control over my capital and investment choices. Keep up the good work, and I kindly request improved customer service. Thank you!”

Lotte Gunther


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About Us

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About Primeracacti Primeracacti is a leading crypto investment platform designed to empower individuals seeking to capitalize on the potential of the digital asset market. With our cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, we aim to make cryptocurrency investing accessible, transparent, and rewarding for all.

Job vacancy


  • 11 months ago

Job Vacancy: Technical Support Specialist Company: Primeracacti